Body/Head – Coming Apart

The body composed between Bill Nace and Kim Gordon has come to a magnificently ugly head on their debut full-length, Coming Apart.  As expected, Nace’s noisey guitar work is mind-fucking fun full of buzzes and squeals, with an expanded dynamic range featured on the record that surpasses those already high standards.  These satisfyingly dark atmospheres are perfectly paired with Gordon’s breathy signature voice bemoaning her altered states of consciousness poetry.

But the note of this full bodied wine that lingers longest on your heavy tongue  is how such avant-garde material can still work as a song.  The noise, the poetry, the static, these are all quick finishes, but the song is there and long lasting.  This really shouldn’t be a surprise, coming from a Sonic Youth alum, but Body/Head has struck something greater, with an increased magnitude of both the cerebral and the emotional.

“Desire, desire,” Gordon shouts in the track “Actress,” and maybe that’s where this duet’s strength lies.  Gordon Lish defined it as the driving force of good literature, desire.  Maybe more of the avant-garde needs desire, aimed at something greater than itself.  Body/Head appears to possess this desire, and through it they have assembled a direct line to god.

Highly recommended.

-Jared Micah


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