Thurston Campaigns for His Affair through New Band’s Facebook Page

After the unprecedented split of long-time artist couple Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, which was oddly enough revealed to the public through an official Sonic Youth press release, Kim Gordon finally elaborated on the circumstances of the separation following a long stretch of silence in a recent interview with Elle magazine.  In the interview, Gordon confirms rumors that the relationship’s demise was mostly in part to Moore’s persistent affair of which he refused to end when approached by Gordon with an ultimatum.  The interview–without much effort–subtly portraits Moore as the ultimate mid-life rocker cliche, losing interest in his strong, talented partner and preferring the star-fuckery of a younger groupie.

While Thurston turned down an opportunity to say his piece for the Elle article, he has somewhat responded to the haters by utilizing his other band’s (Chelsea Light Moving) Facebook fan page as a venue to campaign for his new-found romance; the campaign’s title: Move Forward with Your Life.  A series of posts of photographs with this header started popping up immediately after the interview hit, first with an image of his mistress, then with a picture featuring a couple embraced amidst the aftermath of a riot.  These were followed by another glamor shot of his new lady, swaddled in some sort of shawl, with the caption, “in regards to the misinformed : truth, beauty & eva (peace)”.  This post received 77 likes as of writing this article, proving the campaign to be somewhat successful.  Let’s forget about hurt feelings, we must follow our hearts, we must move forward with our lives.  This is what people were to take from Facebook that day.

Then the campaign evolved from PR clean-up and into a direct love letter to Eva, with a new posted photograph featuring Angela Davis and Toni Morrison and their afros with the caption, “for my love”.

But what else was there for Moore to do, really?  Hes getting older, and even if he is married to a rock n’ roll sex symbol, relationships get stale, and a man still has blood running to his penis.  Judgements are difficult to pass regarding a relationship like Moore and Gordon’s that has lasted for so many years, so many moons beyond the first sensations of puppy love that one craves to revisit.  But perhaps it is fair to suggest a lest romanticized explanation on Moore’s part, or a tactic a little more his age.  For instance, a blunt tweet along the lines of, “Bummed about Elle interview.  But what can I say?  Ya’ know???” with a link to a YouTube video of Naughty by Nature’s “O.P.P.”



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