Death Convention Singers – S/T

Just a few years ago, the noise and experimental music scene of New Mexico consisted of a small handful of unique individuals, all performing in the smallest crevices of the picturesque desert and releasing only the smallest batch of handmade recordings.  According to Thurston Moore, there appears to be either a growth in numbers or at least a proper archive for the first time after the development of the Sicksicksick record label.

The cabalistic ensemble Death Convention Singers hail from said noise scene, though you might have heard them under the name Cobra//group.  You may have seen them as a small guitar noise-drone outfit.  You may have seen them as an “a capella scum chorale.”  Whenever, wherever, and however you experienced them previously, if at all, chances are you won’t relive that experience.  The ever-evolving and expanding cacophony that is Death Convention Singers prefers to remain unpredictable, and have accomplished that goal on their latest self-titled Sicksicksick release.  The CD is stuffed with three brutal tracks of ten bass guitars, mute-mixers, noise, and drum kits, performed by almost 20 members, with some DCS alumni “missing.”

From the get-go of the first eruptive track, DCS exhibit their very big band as an alchemistic wonder, transforming metallic shards of damaged goods into pure raw gold.  BY the second track the group expands the explosions into sparser atmospheres, creating an exciting yet premonitory tension that sounds how Claire Danes’s face looks at the onset of crying, perfectly decorated with banjo plucks, cymbal sweeps, and the distant clutter and scrape of stings.  Everything arrives to a howling chorus of feedback, distortion, and a whirling drill of space-noise in the third and final track, “Beso de Ese.”  This track exemplifies the group at its best, with moments of pure Fennesz-esque fuzz walls and rich, airless drones.

If this record is any testament to the New Mexican noise scene, then that desert may be worth the heat.



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