Deterge – Parlous

Last year Deterge released their fourth tape for Fusty Cunt (label home of Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger, Disthroned Agony, etc.), entitled Parlous and enclosed inside a jewel case with a mousetrap glued on it.  Deterge has released another tape since, but we never got the chance to review this one last year, so shut the fuck up (just in case any of you are one of the other 19 who could have purchased this limited release of 20 copies).

The first track, “Daily,” begins with a deep, hollow rumble that opens into sharper blasts of fuzz accompanied by distorted gurgles and splatters of mechanical noise.  Vocal shouts bounce within heavy reverb, exclaiming, “Service first / the #1 policy / reaching my salary cap / at the tender age of 16 / the customer’s / always an asshole / union of greedy shit,” echoing their torment.  Then the track dissolves back into a mild thunder and thus ends side A.

Side B, track 2, “Tail Caught…” begins with trance-inducing, subtle reversed whips of airiness placed integrally between monstrous roars of deep distortion.  This leads into track 3, “…Between My Legs,” which arrives in sheer sustainment and tension, leaving the listener pondering when the next eruption of noise will occur.  The sustainment continues uninterrupted, however, and perfectly so.


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