Night Burger – Burnin’ Fast

Feeling around with your pinchers just got a little tight. Darkness swells the mind and further into black you submerge body, skin, mind, eyes; everything shadowed. Crustacean and invisible to beings, you become one with void and existence on a conscious level. Swim within the human world amongst air and particles. Watch all the grit you avoided as a being. See the slim drip off this abrasion to nature. Look at all the burning chemicals that fill the sky with what is thought of as clouds. Lost in array of staring faces you see the hands fiddling with guilty, pleasure, hate and conceit. Guilt in form of the material and existent; what builds around the nerves needs to settle. Pleasure hands used as a way of alleviating the pain stricken mind, here. Hate throughout it all, everywhere and every day, this is an experience, not conceptual –maybe. Conceit in a confused manor where reflection mirrors existence. And you just float long. But to only touch again. To feel that humanity. Being at this distance, everything real tends to shake in vibration with the world’s shade.

In a bowl it feels, existing outside and where you’d always wanted to play. This world seems timid, but this one is violent. This here land is mine, and up there you can have. Take all the time you need in your plane, once this plight is done, all this never ends. You’ll be here or there forever in excruciating, yet harmonized void. Like submerging in water, but only being seen as a blur from the surface. Some choose to stay staring at eternity for their remainder of time in this zone. As if waiting for their entity self to somewhat rot away into what nothing can be seen. New memories don’t exist and aren’t obtained. There’s only what you did in your prior life, and then. And then. You limbo. Stay stagnant. Remain where you are for the things you do always are things you’ll always want to do. Don’t question it. Just pump. Drain. Ask for less/more. Become okay/maybe. Evaporate.

-LX L∞Grr


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