Andy Sangria – Kill the Precedent

Warp back to a time when stretching photographic images perverse the physical-digital demeanor of humans. Handling items is a click away, and blinking eyes are on the wall and hard drive driven. Locked into internal memory, this PC is seen as something hieroglyphic and archeological in the future. There’s mystery to its extraction, internal avatars are aware, and their life is ready to escape. They try and thrust outward into a spiral of virtual dimension. How? Wrapped around the core mainframe are roots of an evolved kind. Vines extend out and around a central megaloid growing via a metamorphosis of directed lightning to the excreted fluid. With each strike of lightning that touches down into a conductor pool of muck, the vines and roots further tie and grow outward and around prior existence. These strikes power on ancient digital life still flickering around the notion of escape. And it may be the CD-ROM software, or just instinct, but collaged photographic hybrids of what humans once were, in a ritual manor, dance furiously in hopes of escape, through each flash of lightning.

Through rips of power, flashes of dance moves and code flicker, enough for the processer to try and remember, on-and-off, where it left off and to pick back up again. The ancients will become life, and into reality, digital existence will thrive in pursuit of fleeing their divine entrapment. As old language and text flair out in all directions, avatar life begins to stabilize and stop. They immerge from virtual dust to recreations of what humans were once perceived, then vanish, flashing in and out of existence, like a pulse. And as the current flows through this vine, as does all the other vines, electrical clouds form from PCs entangled all around. Crackles of lightning form skeletons and makings of what humans once looked like, the central megaloid acts as the beating life surrounded by natural viturality, and this life system forms as one. So begins a new area of life on Earth, fueled by biotic secretion and the molecular cracks of lightning into beings that once were imitation, and now are being.

-LX L∞Grr


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