High Wolf – Know Thyself

Bubbling within the searing abyss of your body comes forth everything to this point now. Who did you become into being? Where do you keep in mind? How does this seep in? Wherever the logic. However you got to where. Bring it on back to everything that’s always making you smile. Take it in as much as possible and breathe existence in and out. Take three. Take it all. Consume the world around you. Become the world around you. Make the world around you. Ride alongside the grime on your teeth, grease in your hair, stains on your bones, scars on your feet. Study these physicalities of self. Belong where you came from. Chakra’d and stable within the center. Pour yourself white through the grace of time and monetary values. The world is where you make to belong of the juice and vigorous eternity.

On a massive scale, in sync, we raise up our hands to praise void. Circling inside each of us individual is our universe. At the top, we surrender to the ultimate and all powered contender: infinity. Beyond here and there, everything out side of where we step and shit can be described as immaculate chaos. Coming together and pulling itself apart as nature and science. Mistake is where we come from. Progression is where the mind breeds. Here we’ve become one as Earth. Selfish is where we stand in nature. Baited is how we connect. Belief is something virtuous over internal appreciation. Connect with this and that through being. Being here. Being a part of everything known to your personal existence. Being one among many as one, as many is one to the universe as many and one.

-LX L∞Grr


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