Tangles – Poplars

As in any other day in the sun exists an organism feeding off solar energy. Enjoying the warmth and feeling a position of delight, this body of molecules harkens. Either in a pose of surprise, as do the pedals on a flower open wide to the wind, rain and bees, or the span of a tree, stretching forever in praise of light and comfort of shade. Another life lays steady, or sits steadfast in pure bathing pleasure, absorbing what they feel, but never focusing on how that system heals and expands internally. Opening up psychical aura only mass power can harness, and at a distance of infinity to you and me. Shine down and change us, dear sun. Grace the earth with presence and determination. Change what the world has done now. Bare forever in your rays something so beyond our organization. Capabilities on a gigantically simplistic premise from which comes everything revolving around and under what is believed as source. Provide everything as a sense, feeling, temperature and vision. Vision into something wholly beyond planetary vision. Sense of everything created through in blindness. Feeling of nurture. Temperature is just right.

And within this sun revolves life as relaxation. Sitting in a barren land, longing for water, shade, food and interaction. Upon the horizon, crystalline entities form in maybe a mirage, or some kind of window into another plane of thought. Trespass upon this world within your thoughts. Try not to reach it physically, for it will avoid your entry. Once you are there, in your mind, find the entry where the sun beams down on you the heaviest. Let the dessert slip away from your physical being, and become one with a separate scene entirely. Flash into existence where sun still reigns, but on a metaphysical proprietary, rather than direct and overbearing. Here is where the inner world becomes outer mind and envelopes all shapes and images a world had once presented. Find the center to all of this, and believe in your personalized sun. Birthed by bliss.

-LX L∞Grr


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