Diamond Terrifier – Kill the Self that Wants to Kill Yourself

The prolific saxman of ZS, Sam Hilmer, is returning once again with his project Diamond Terrifier’s full-length follow-up to the cassette predecessor, Shrine Flu, released earlier this year.  As you may have already learned, Hilmer entered this recording session with the assistance of Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, which should indicate that it’s pretty heavy on the reverb (and it is).  But despite the minor celebrity producer, DT keeps things raw and live in the tradition of the previous two cassettes.

The record begins in a non-abrasive avant-garde slow dance with the title track, “Kill the Self that Wants to Kill the Self.”  And this isn’t as much a calm before the storm as it is a premonition of the record’s unique style for this act.  Many tracks are formulated to consist of oddly generic musical loops on top of which Hilmer provides a harmonizing yet contrastingly free-form blend of saxophonic whimsicalities.  This is in its most obvious form in “Transference Trance,” which sounds like a duet between Hilmer and Wesley Willis.   From there, however, things get a lot more <>T, with the meditative expanses we came to love on Shrine Flu, especially with the walking-through-a-mirror sensations of “Becoming a New Object,” which is just a perfect track.  And while an annihilating blast never is fully realized, the air turns sinisterly cool with the dot-matrix printer loops of “Adamantine” before once again returning to spacier sensibilities.

The record ends in coming back full circle with a reprise version of the title track, solidifying the contextual theme of loop versus free-improvisation.  The sounds fade as the journey closes.  And what have we learned?  How are we changed?  I don’t know man.  Play it again.

-Jared Micah


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