tugger – tugger

Houston’s experimental industrial noise darling, tugger, just released a two sided, self-titled digital EP that brings industrial noise traditions to current production trends of reverbcore.  The effect is almost entrancing, if it weren’t so, you know, harsh.

Dirge march pulsations stomp across the low-end grind, grit, and rattle of side A.  Manipulated vocals interrupt sporadically in reverberated eruptions accompanied by loud synthesizer sirens.  Side B starts off with the white hiss of hot amps with intervals of sinister oscillating squeals cutting the sizzle.  Vocals again are spoken in bottom-of-the-well reverb coated in distortion while mechanical clanks ring in the background.

The result of tugger’s efforts are simultaneously unsettling and fun, robust yet simple.  There is certainly a worse way to spend $5.

-E. Adam

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