Weasel Walter Robbed

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Weasel Walter was victim of a robbery two nights ago, according to the musician’s Facebook page.  The theft occurred late Sunday night when Walter’s vehicle was broken into via the passenger side window.  The thief proceeded to then search the trunk, where a great deal of Walter’s equipment was discovered and taken.  A complete list of stolen items is below.

1. Black nylon cymbal bag with black duct tape on it – “Beato” brand?

Cymbal bag contents:
pages of Sheet music
Roll of Gorilla brand black tape
2 childrens books
Container of moon gel drum damper pads
Black connecting bar to dw 5000 double kick pedal
Zildjian20″ silver ZXT ride
Vic Firth yellow tala wands
2 high hat clutches
Agazarian cymbal 16″ crash
Pair of 6″ thin hi-hat cymbals
Pair of 6″ thick asian cymbals
Various drum sticks
Vic Firth drum sticks
Vic Firth Corpsmaster MS2 drum sticks
ProMark Shira Kashi oak 2B drum sticks
Vic Firth 7A size drum sticks
No name 16″ crash cymbal with part of edge missing
Small Wuhan “China” cymbal
pair of 13″ sabien hand-hammered hi-hat cymbals

2. Duffel Bag – black nylon with many effects pedals

Duffel bag contents:
Controller for smoke machine
Crate Power Block amp
Various cables, short and long, including a 30 foot blue guitar cable straight on one end, L-shaped on the other
Effect Pedal: Sansamp Bass Driver
Effect Pedal: Land of the rising fuzz
Effect Pedal: DOD Death Metal
Effect Pedal: Boss DS-1 Distortion
Effect Pedal: ? Brand chorus pedal
Effect Pedal: Electro-harmonix frequency analyzer
Effect Pedal: Electro-harmonix #1 echo

3. Backpack – Grey nylon with the navy logo “xpedx”

Backpack contents:
Black short sleeve t-shirt of the band “Mayhem”
2 pieces sheet music titled “Infektion” with the name “Weasel Walter” on them

If anyone sees the following items for resale they should forward such information to Walter.


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