Tim Hecker’s Droniest Drone Ever

About a month ago, XLR8R, who were just jumping on the Ravedeath fan wagon, contacted fuzzed-out drone master Tim Hecker for an exclusive mix to feature on their web site.  Maybe some back-catalog, something unreleased, they probably suggested.  Something the kids could download and then say, “XLR8R is rate nice, lolz.”  And Hecker, in his regular cleverness and with his Canadian sense of humor, responded with an unexpected offering:   La Monte Young’s and Marian Zazeela’s (from the performance collective Theatre of Eternal Music) 1969 album The Black Record elongated 13 times its original length.  The mix, titled Really Eternal Music / Your Bloated Hard Drive, is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, as most downloads have crashed web sites or have just timed out due to the file size.  XLR8R (I am getting tired of writing that) has already gone through two download links, both of which are now kaput.  Readers attempted Dropbox exchanges, but those either crashed or denied transfer due to the file’s size (it’s over a gig of an mp3 file, over 10 hours of a mix).  Listed below is the only link that seems to still be working.  May want to save before this site overkills its bandwidth.



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