C. Spencer Yeh Listening Event in MA

It is no rare occasion that a friend could come over and discover me reading Brautigan while spinning John Cage’s Variations IV and call me a pretentious asshole, and if you’re like me, then you would take it as a compliment. And if you live in Jamaica Plain, MA, there’s a perfect opportunity for you tomorrow at the Aviary Gallery. Composer, improviser, and rocker C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core, CS Yeh, etc.) will be appearing for an early listening party for his new upcoming LP, 1975, along with a beer tasting brought to you by High & Mighty Beer Company. Art space + avant music + beer tasting = ESOTERRORISM!!! Red level.

Get more information here.

Update/correction: Yeh will not actually be appearing at the listening party, but the beer is still a go.  We apologize for the misinformation!  You should definitely attend if nearby, regardless.

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