Drainolith – Fighting!

Alexander Moskos has been creating and performing under the Drainolith moniker for some time, before his involvement with AIDS Wolf, and continues with the project after the regrettable demise of AIDS Wolf with the new Drainolith LP Fighting!.  The record, tracked live without overdubs, emits an intimately personal touch, that may have been lost in his more extreme musical stylings in former projects, but is now nurtured in the fragmented blues tumbles of these carefully crafted songs.

Moskos’s seemingly sporadic guitar work channels back to Shadow Ring or even Volcano the Bear but grounds itself into next-step territory, with Moskos’s up-close tired vocals adding a pensive sexiness to the fucked twang of the music.  And this is surprisingly one of the greatest elements of Fighting!, the honest voice of Moskos.  Contemporary experimental music continues to push itself toward the abstract, away from personalization, and Moskos has once again added a face to the sound art.  And it’s a nice, approachable face.  And it ups the replay value of this gem.

– Geoffery Blank

Artist: Drainolith

Album: Fighting!

Label: Spectrum Spools


“You Paid for It” video:

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