The Weird Weeds – The Weird Weeds

Austin’s experimental pop group Weird Weeds returns on their latest self-titled LP, which expands upon the band’s signature style and redirects their instrumentation toward seemingly darker, more pensive atmospheres.  Following 2010’s Help Me Name Melody, The Weird Weeds takes the rich blend of textures of the band’s instrumental style and splits it open, letting the guts really spill this time, inviting the listener to look inside the opened cadaver and poke around.  But a meditative reverence rings throughout the album’s brutal dissection as bright guitars ring melodically true with a constant contemplative restraint.

And what has always been great about Weird Weeds is the lack of a linear climax to the songs, a tradition now over a decade old with post-rock bands.  These songs develop, surely, but never crutch on anticipation.  They branch out, expand in multi-dimensional directions, sometimes grandly skyward, but sometimes merely slithering along the ground like a sinister ivy.  Weird Weeds creates music to be experienced and not just build-ups toward pay-offs.

-E. Adam

Artist: Weird Weeds

Album: The Weird Weeds

Label: Sedimental Records

SXSW performance

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