Help Kickstarter for New Sonnenzimmer Book

Chicago-based graphic design/print studio Sonnenzimmer, founded and operated by artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi, plans to release a comprehensive book of 30 posters that features each work’s compositional approach, historical influence, and individual story.  Such a project requires a bit more financial resources than a lot of the projects discussed on this site, such as putting out a cassette of chapbook.  For this reason they have set up a Kickstarter for funding.

According to Sonnenzimmer’s Kickstarter site, “pairing each of the 30 prints chosen for the book with focused writing, we’ll have the opportunity to give insight into our collaborative working process, as well as our thoughts on contemporary visual culture. In addition, each featured poster will be accompanied by a single-color wire frame breakdown of the composition. This break down will help in communicating the role of composition in our work and will function as a talking piece in our text.”

The book’s preface will be written by artist Michael Cina.


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